July 10, 2008

Police Reports for June 2008

Attached are the police reports from Constable Tom Hopper  who covers the Prestonfield  area and Constable John Leadbetter  who works in the Sciennes /Newington area.

Initially there is a bit of duplication at the begining of both newsletters with the Divisional Commander’s message but then they move onto local matters.

Tom Hopper’s Police Report June 08

John Leadbetter’s Police Report June 08

Douglas Fisher

Secretary Grange Prestonfield Community Council







Planning Application 08/02358/FUL: 41-43 Craigmillar Park EH16 5PD

This application replaces one refused consent earlier this year and is for change of use of the present derelict site to 115 bedroom hotel with conversion of existing linked villas, partial demolition of the rear of existing link, and a new extension fronting Lady Road with landscaping and car and cycle parking, with space for 1 coach.  The previous refused application was for 119 bedrooms and the present application is  presumably intended to address the reasons for previous refusal.  Full details are available on line at www.edinburgh.gov.uk/planning following links to application search.   The Community Council is a consultee on this application, currently  with a closing date of 28 July for comments.