November 25, 2009

New Parking Proposals for “S6″ Zone

Please find the leaflet we have distributed to, we hope, every household in the areas directly affected by the new parking proposals.

The main points to note are that there will be a public meeting on 1st December at the Royal Blind School from 6.30 pm and the plans are on display at Newington Library. 


The proposals can be found on the CEC web-site by following this link: 

CEC has asked us to display the attached information sheet and feedback form to accompany the plans for the new proposals.



Mayfield Road / West Savile Terrace Junction

We understand CEC’s Transport Committee yesterday agreed the proposal to put traffic signals on this junction.  This is the letter we sent in after our meeting on 18th November.


November 15, 2009

Mayfield Road / West Savile Terrace Junction

Please find below a detailed response from CEC City Development to our letter about the above junction.  Caroline Burwell, CEC Road Safety Manager, will attend our meeting to answer questions and discuss the issues.



November 8, 2009

Community Council Meeting

GPCC Meeting: November 18th 2009, 700pm

Cameron House Community Education Centre
34 Prestonfield Avenue, EH16 5EU

This is the second meeting of the new Grange/Prestonfield Community Council

All Meetings of the Community Council are open to members of the public

Agenda in PDF format

November 3, 2009

CPZ - Progress of Local Panels

Please see below the report to CEC Transport, Infrastructure and Environment Committee of 22nd September.