January 28, 2013

Community Council Meeting

GPCC Meeting January 16th 2013

Minutes approved February 20th

Minutes in PDF

January 17, 2013

Grange/Prestonfield Community Council 2012 Newsletter

The GPCC printed and delivered more than 6000 copies of our 2012 Newsletter mostly during December.

GPCC 2012 Newsletter in PDF

Please note this is a very large PDF file (about 6 Mbytes). It is exactly as printed (4x A4 pages on two sides of A3) but it should be possible to print it on two sides of A4. There are a few errors: GPCC meets 9 times/year (not 6); our website address is www.grangeprestonfieldCC.org.uk/wordpress (www.grangeprestonfield.org.uk will give a ‘not found’ error)

January 2, 2013

Community Council Meeting

GPCC Meeting November 21st 2012

Minutes approved January 16th 2013

Minutes in PDF