What is the community council

The Grange/Prestonfield community council consists of elected local residents who represent the local community (and its views) to the outside (and in particular to the City Council). The relevant City Councilors, MPs and MSPs are ex-officio members of the community council. Further local organization representatives and individuals with a particular interest can be co-opted on to the community council.

There are now community councils established in almost all areas of Edinburgh. Have a look at the councils own website explaining the scheme.

The community council has to be consulted by the city council on local matters (such as planning applications).

We meet monthly and meetings are open to all local residents.

The area covered by the Grange/Prestonfield community council is roughly the south-east half of the Southside/Newington ward. For a map of the ward boundaries have a look here.

How do I get involved

Community Councilors are elected representatives of the local residents. We are interested in your views. You can

  • Attend the community council meetings and bring up an issue. Meetings are open to all residents!
  • Email the chair of the appropriate subgroup.
  • Start a discussion on the discussion forum. Anyone can post on the discussion forum (you will need to register)

Constitution of the Grange/Prestonfield Community Council

Constitution & Appendices in PDF

Scheme for Community Councils in PDF