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Climate Change - Edinburgh Net Zero

Edinburgh City Council has drafted a Net Zero Carbon Strategy 2030, which is the proposed city route-map to engagement with climate change and the threats it poses.

The threats are real and the ‘net zero vision for the city’ conveyed in the published documents involves everyone.

We encourage you to take a look at what is envisaged across energy-efficient homes; sustainable public transport; local business and jobs; local hub working; electric vehicles and reduced car demand; greenspace access; biodiversity protection, and city centre transformation. The strategy paper can be found here:

This is a wide-ranging programme, with many questions yet to be addressed. However, it is a start, and we have pulled together some useful information below to help you better understand what you can do to help.

The first is a comprehensive set of reference links to well-recognised online sites covering domestic energy use and energy change. It begins to answer the question “Where can I find out about…?”

GPCC Domestic Energy Use Links PDF
Download PDF • 219KB

The second is an article; “Domestic Renewable Energy Sources: An Overview of Heat Pumps”. It answers the question; “What are the basic features of heat pumps?”.

GPCC Domestic Heat Pump Overview PDF
Download PDF • 298KB

We hope this can help our residents become more aware of the issues around climate change and enable people to play their part in addressing it.

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