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Latest Edinburgh Council News - Jan 2o24

Bin Recycling, Phase 4 Southside, Newington, Prestonfield

All locations within Phase 4 are in controlled parking zones 3 – 8, and the TRO process is underway. Some changes to locations have been made and updated plans are now available. Improvements are planned from February/March 2024, after resident action, and Community Councils and Ward Councillors will be kept up to date. Information on how best to use the recycling service will be issued. Communal bin review – The City of Edinburgh Council

Footway Surface Treatment Works

The work will comprise laying a Slurry Micro Surfacing on to existing footway to seal the surface, improve the texture and prolong its life. Work to commence 15 January. Areas in Southside Newington include: Priestfield Road (Full Length); Prestonfield Avenue North Footway (Prestonfield Terrace to Priestfield Road) South Footway (Clearburn Road to Prestonfield Road); Clearburn Road, Clearburn Crescent, Prestonfield Crescent (Full Length); West Saville Terrace (Full Length). Residents and businesses will be kept informed to minimise disruption.

Pavement Parking Fines

Edinburgh is the first city in Scotland to introduce pavement parking fines. Enforcement will commence 29 January 2024. There will be awareness letters to streets identified as ‘Red and Amber’ as well as lamp post wraps, week beginning 15 January. Fines will be up to £100. Parking at dropped kerbs and double parking will also be targeted, but there are exemptions for delivery vans. New parking rules – The City of Edinburgh Council

On a parking related note: those people with resident parking permits are permitted to park in Pay and Display bays, if available, as well as resident permit designated bays.

Source: Pauline Flannery's 9 Jan LibDem Southside / Newington newsletter

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