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March Update from Edinburgh Council

From Cllr. Pauline Flannery:


Council approved a cross-party city budget for 2024/25 supported by Lib Dem, Labour and Conservative councillors:

  • School budgets raised by £2m.

  • Road and pavement repair spending up by £12.5m.

  • Additional funding for vulnerable family support; bus service support, energy efficiency improvements; tree care and planting.


Inch Park one of 19 new protected parks in the city, guaranteeing its use as a green space.


Communal Bin rollout continues in Southside, Sciennes and St Leonards. (Parking Zones 3 and 7)


Potential closure of Strathearn Road Royal Mail Delivery Office, with a move of delivery pick-ups to Falcon Road, Morningside. Grange Association petition here:


From City of Edinburgh Council:

Update on the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) installation; focus on Morrison Street, Tollcross and Pleasance.

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