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May meeting & AGM

Our May meeting & AGM will take place on Wednesday 18th May at 7pm on Zoom. To join, please contact the Secretary (


  1. Welcome & Apologies

  2. Declarations of Interest

  3. Minutes of 20th April 2022

  4. Notice of Matters Arising not covered by agenda

  5. Reports (External)

    1. Councillors Report – Cllr Simita Kumar

    2. Police Report

  6. Reports of Interest Groups

    1. Planning – Paper from Tony Harris

    2. Licensing

    3. Roads/Transport

    4. Communications/Publicity

    5. Environment

    6. Newington Cemetery

  7. Reports from Office Bearers

    1. Treasurer

    2. Secretary

      1. Options to return to Cameron House for future in-person meetings.

8. Reports of Outside Groups

a. Edinburgh Association of Community Councils (EACC)

9. Open Forum (including items from members of the public)

i. Motion presented forward by Ken Robertson

“That GPCC begins this new elected official cycle by:

making “Edinburgh: A clean and tidy city, fit for residents and visitors alike” the CC’s number one ‘operational’ priority;

asking that Southside and Newington Councillors endorse that motion and assign it as their own (operational) top priority.

10. Date of next meeting: 15th June 2022

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